We WELCOME you to the West Kimberley!

Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation (WNAC) is the largest community development provider for remote indigenous communities in West Kimberley.

We serve 17 remote communities located along Gibb River Road, Looma and surrounding communities and estimate that we cover a population of nearly one-thousand people from all age groups, including those who are temporary residents in Derby.

The communities we assist are characterised by extreme economic disadvantage and seasonal isolation during the wet season. Our aim is to create viable economic development and employment opportunities for our community members. 

As part of our overall community development and social wellbeing policies, we prepare our members with the training they need to enter the workforce. There is a strong relationship with providing people (from any culture) with the skills they need before they can work their way into sustainable paid employment. We frequently work with people from streams three and four, of the Employment Pathway Plan, who are in very challenging situations.

We understand that people need to walk before they can run. This is why we provide our members with the tools and skills they need to get a start, and advance in, the workforce.

WNAC exists to help our members gain employment or progress in the workforce, through certified training that is in line with their community’s action plan. We do this through quality training via our Community Development Employment Projects and associated funding and activities.


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